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Here are some local and national news items and information of interest to Pedestrians. There is also a News Archive


Headington Walking Map:
         The County Council is using Government grant money to encourage people to walk more.
         See comment on a new map of walking paths in Headington.

20 mph speed limits:
        Oxford police to enforce limits - three years after they were put in place. See item from
        The Oxford Times, with comment.

Frideswide Square.
        The County Council has chosen the "boulevard" from the two possible designs for Frideswide
        Square. See details.

Cyclopathic behaviour:
        Oxford pedestrians injured by law-breaking cyclists. See Oxford Times reports.
        Top Oxford cyclist condemns reckless pavement cycling. See Oxford Mail feature.

Pavement obstructions.
        In a follow-up to OxPA's Yellow Ribbon campaign, 84% of respondents to an Oxford Times poll
        agreed that the Council is not doing enough to reduce pavement obstructions.

City danger zones.
        OxPA lists the danger spots and what needs to be done about them.


Pavement parking ban call by Guide Dogs charity.
        Motorists should be banned from parking on pavements because the practice
        forces vulnerable pedestrians to walk in the road, campaigners have said.
        See BBC report.

"Perhaps urban speeding will become as scorned as drink driving"
        An article in The Economist takes an optimistic view of trends in car speeds.

Pedestrian crossings need retiming
Most older people in England cannot cross the road in the time allowed on pedestrian
        crossings. See summary of report.

Bringing it home
        Type your postcode into the BBC map to see where local road deaths have been occurring.

20 mph zones reduce deaths and injuries!  
        See the summary report from the British Medical Journal.
Making the case for investment in the walking environment. A review of the evidence.

        Living Streets commissioned this important study by the University of the West of England.
Department of Health:
        Walking is good for you! See the evidence and DoH guidance

Department for Transport:

  Ministers to cut red tape for local councils introducing 20mph limits.
  New measures to stop pavement parking.

National Audit Office

        Report on Improving Road Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists in Great Britain (2009).


         "Streets are for cars and children need to stay out of them". How the American car industry
         created the "crime" of jaywalking. BBC Magazine report.


20 mph in Texas
Thanks to OxPA member Bess Mullard for this inspiring postcard from the Lone Star State
"Murder most foul"
JS Dean, President of the Pedestrians Association (now Living Streets) wrote this wonderful protest against the injustice of the slaughter of pedestrians and cyclists on our roads in 1947.

Many of Dean's arguments are still relevant today - although his linking of the motor car industry to fascism is now, one hopes, of purely historical interest!

Thanks to OxPA Member Tristram Wyatt for finding this interesting item on the Web.