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OxPA logo Note of OxPA meeting Tuesday April 28th 2009

Open Discussion

Topics discussed included:

Recent County Council decision to implement 20mph throughout Oxford’s residential areas, and some parts of some main roads. We welcome this development but will continue to campaign for inclusion of all main roads and bus routes where most walking and cycling takes place, especially near schools and shops. This is in line with recent Government recommendations.

New County Walking and Cycling Strategies. We welcomed these proposals

“High Priority” plans for improving the High Street, which include widening pavements, reducing clutter and number of buses were noted with approval.

Problems associated with plan to relocate regional Probationary Service Centre in Osney were discussed.

Broad Street plans. Suggestions included:

We welcomed a member from Abingdon who wishes to involve us in his plans to set up a Living Streets group in Abingdon. We are pursuing similar activities with contacts in Witney and Chipping Norton who have similar plans.