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OxPA logo Note of meeting on March 22nd 2011.

Urban nature walks

Speaker: Athene Reiss from BBOWT.

Athene outlined BBOWT's interest in Oxford's floodplain meadows.

These "unimproved" meadows are of national importance because they support ecosystems becoming rare elsewhere. BBOWT is in the early stages of mounting a campaign to highlight their value and promote greater public interest in and enjoyment of them. The proposed book of walks to be produced jointly by OxPA and BBOWT will be a valuable contribution to this campaign. OxPA members will design and document the walks in riverside areas within reach of the city centre by foot or bus, and BBOWT will provide nature notes to accompany each walk.

As in "Oxford on Foot", maps and illustration will make the book attractive and easy to use. Timetable suggested is to be ready for Spring 2012.