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OxPA logo Note of OxPA meeting Tuesday March 26th 2013

Discussion meeting

Topics included:

OxPA's "Vision" for Oxford as invited by Cllr Ian Hudspeth.

Future meetings:  April 23rd, weather permitting, an urban walk from Liz Woolley's book. (Town Hall room booked in case of rain).  Future joint meetings with Cyclox to include St Giles.

Oxford Walks database is being prepared by Keith Frayn and colleagues.
Green Spaces Circular Walk - Keith Holly to advise on accessibility and signs.

A walking map of Oxford based on Richard Mann's cycle map. Richard will be invited to update us.

Commemorative bench for Paul Cullen: agreement has been reached with the City Council on the design and siting of a bench. We expect it to be installed in Walton Street within two months with the inscription: PAUL CULLEN  1943-2011  *  OXFORD PEDESTRIANS ASSOCIATION