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Our regular meetings take place on the fourth Tuesday of each month in Oxford Town Hall.

Here are links to notes on some of our meetings :

February 27th 2018 Buses in Queen Street
October 24th 2017 Re-visioning Oxford
July 25th 2017 Street audit: Botley Road
June 27th 2017 Street audit: Cowley Road
May 23rd 2017 Westgate transport strategy.
March 28th 2017 Air Quality in Oxford.
February 28th 2017 Buses in Oxford.
February 23rd 2016 Community Transport Oxford.
January 26th 2016 Winter Party. Introducing "We Don't Drive".
October 27th 2015 Annual General Meeting. Peter Hindshaw, Unlimited Oxfordshire.
May 26th 2015 An Excellent Bus Network for Oxford.
March 24th 2015 Oxford Transport Strategy/LTP4.
February 24th 2015 "A More Walkable Oxford".
January 27th 2015 Winter Party, with Cyclox and Oxford Civic Society.
November 27th 2014 The Station Masterplan. Fiona Piercy, Lead Project Officer.
October 28th 2014 "Justice, vulnerable road-users and RoadPeace".
Amy Aeron-Thomas. (Annual General Meeting)
July 22nd 2014 Conversation with Oxford's new City Centre Manager, Laurie-Jane Taylor.
June 24th 2014 Evening walk. Oxford's Jewish Heritage.
April 22nd 2014 "A future for transport in Oxford City". Councillor David Nimmo Smith, Chairman of County Transport Advisory Panel.
(Joint Meeting with Cyclox and the Civic Society)
January 28th 2014 Update on OxPA St Giles survey. Keith Frayn.
(Joint Meeting with Cyclox)
November 26th 2013 "A vision for a sustainable city". Peter Headicar, Reader in Transport Planning, Oxford Brookes University.
(Joint Meeting with Cyclox)
October 21st 2013 Transport Policy at Oxford Brookes University. Sebastian Blake.
(Annual General Meeting)
August 13th 2013 Evening walk
July 23rd 2013 St Giles Campaign. Joint meeting with Cyclox
March 26th 2013 Discussion meeting
February 26th 2013 "Beyond Transform". Cllr Ian Hudspeth.
Joint meeting with Cyclox
October 23rd 2012 Air pollution and transport in Oxford City. Roger Pitman.
(Annual General Meeting)
July 24th 2012 Evening walk: Headington Hill Park.
June 26th 2012 Evening walk: a transport hub at Oxpens?
May 22nd 2012 A new transport hub for Oxford at Oxpens? Dr Andrew Pritchard.
April 24th 2012 Evening walk
March 27th 2012 Public rights of way in Oxford City. Tony Dale.
February 28th 2012 A city for pedestrians. Gordon Reid.
January 17th 2012 Pedestrian crossings - how they work. Mike Best.
October 25th 2011 Walking our Way to Happiness. Dr Andy Chivers.
(Annual General Meeting)
August 23rd 2011 Evening walk: Aston's Eyot.
July 26th 2011 Evening walk: the Lye Valley.
June 28th 2011 Paul Cullen Memorial Walk.
May 24th 2011  Cross-directorate working for the visually impaired.
March 22nd 2011 Urban nature walks - proposed book with BBOWT.
October 19th 2010 Investing in the walkable city. Paul Cullen.
(Annual General Meeting).
May 27th 2010 To share or not to share? Joint meeting with Cyclox.
April 27th 2010  Don't trap me at home! Gwynneth Pedler,
Oxford City Access Forum.
March 23rd 2010  The Oxford Green Lungs Research Programme.
Christopher Gowers
February 23rd 2010 OxPA over the next five years. Open discussion 
January 26th 2010 The future of the City's Centre.
Gordon Reid, Oxford City Centre Manager.
November 24th 2009 Round table discussion of the new Local Transport Plan.
See our response.
October 27th 2009 A more walkable Oxford? (Annual General Meeting)
Steve Howells, Oxfordshire County Council.
September 22nd 2009 The future of Oxford's railway station.
Steve Hayes, Oxfordshire Senior Transport Planner
August 31st 2009 Bank Holiday walk (with photograph)
June 30th 2009 Local Transport Plan 3.
Owen South, Oxfordshire C.C. Transport.
May 26th 2009 Evening walk.
April 28th 2009 Open Discussion
March 24th 2009 Oxford's First Car Club. Andy Henson of Oxcar.
February 24th 2009 Transform Oxford.
Martin Kraftl, Transform Oxford Team
October 28th 2008 Annual General Meeting. Sir Muir Gray