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OxPA logo  Note on OxPA Meeting October 24th 2017

  Re-visioning Oxford


Pedal rickshaw or electric shuttles across ‘ Cornmarket gap’  from bus stops near Martyrs' Memorial to bus stops for East Oxford.

All buses electric.

New Park and Ride on Watlington Road entering Oxford, outside the ring road.

New Park and Ride on A423 road from Reading near Heyford Hill Sainsburys, outside the ring road.

New Park and Ride on A40 entering Oxford from Witney outside the ring road.

No deliveries in vans between hours of 7am and 7pm.

Loading only between 10pm and 6am and only small electric vehicles.

Fully pedestrianise Broad Street.

Take parking out of Broad Street, except disabled "blue badge" parking.

Close Hythe Bridge Street to motorised through traffic, creating pollution free route between Oxford train station and city centre.

Redesign layout of the whole street for pedestrians and cyclists and access to premises (like New Inn Hall Street).

Main traffic around city centre to be re-routed through Park End Street and southern half of Worcester Street.

Traffic calming ‘table’ treatment at key junctions (as with recent improvement at Catte street/ Holywell Street):

Worcester Street / George Street
Worcester Street / Beaumont Street
Beaumont Street / St Giles
Broad Street / George Street (remove traffic lights)
Parks Road / South Parks Road

Treat Hythe Bridge Street / George Street / Worcester Street and George Street / Broad Street / Magdalen Street as at Broad Street / Parks Road junction.

Remove traffic lights at George Street / Cornmarket / Broad Street junction outside Debenhams – treat as at new junction of Broad Street / Holywell Street / Parks Road.

Comfortable benches on St. Giles and Broad Street. – the ones on Cornmarket are not useful for older people wanting to rest and ‘watch the world go by’.

All traffic  - not buses - coming in to Oxford via Banbury Road  to turn down South Parks Road.

Divert all traffic on Banbury Road south bound along Bevington Road towards St. Giles on Woodstock Road. Move St Giles parking north and narrow roadway to make St. Giles more of a public square.

Widen footway on west side of Magdalen Street – segregate bus queues.

Bike racks not near bus stops (eg. near Debenhams).

Clear up cycles that obstruct pavements. (End of Queens Lane at near High Street is an example). Cycle racks need to be better placed.

More cycle parking on roads in place of car parking.

Smoother pavements and fewer obstacles.

Pavements in city centre can be very crowded – rethink ratio of pavement to roadway.

No pavement parking in any circumstances.

Plant more trees in streets – aesthetics and air quality reasons.

Plant more trees.

Create ‘green space’ areas for sitting at:

West end of Broad Street.
Eastern side of St Giles – linked to narrowing of  roadway and redesign of junction at end similar to Frideswide Square.
Large coaches to decant at park and rides into smaller electric shuttles in to city.

No vehicles over 3 or 4 tonnes in Oxford city centre.

Reduce size of coaches.

All buses electric.

No oil burning vehicles at all in Oxford, only electric or manual vehicles.

No motorised traffic over Folly Bridge.

Replace pelican crossing with zebras.

Main roads in district centres (e.g. London road through Headington) need more pedestrian crossings – preferably zebras. Example – outside Bury Knowle Health Centre many people want to cross, but cannot at busy times.

Retime pedestrian crossing – delay for pedestrians often excessive; often pedestrian has crossed before lights change, so traffic is held up unnecessarily – bad for everyone.

Zebra crossings – at top of St Aldates, outside Post Office, at south end.

Make all crossings at Frideswide Square into zebra crossings

Close Worcester Street, Oxpens Road, Broad Street, and Gloucester Green car park.

Change Oxpens car park to a bus station replacing the one at George Street.

Make Oxpens Road access only.

Close off Beckett Street to motorised through traffic – access only.

Osler Road, Headington – no traffic except local residents – access only.

Osler Road – leave open to buses.

Congestion charge for Oxford.

Increase charges for park and ride and use the money to subsidise public transport.

Remove parking outside covered market in High Street – loading only between 10pm and 6am and only small electric vehicles.

15mph in all residential streets.

Pedestrianise George Street.

Charge for parking at supermarkets, e.g. Waitrose on Botley Road.

Frideswide Square works well.

Queen Street style surface treatment to George Street – but retain slow through movement for buses and bikes.

In High Street and St Aldates, buses hold up buses and are often empty. Bus services need to be rationalised with feeder services to interchanges outside city centre.

Outlier bridges on Folly Bridge as on bridge outside west Oxford community centre.

No taxis in bus lanes.

Bricks or bollards in Merton Street to stop drivers avoiding High Street restriction.

Keep the idea of bus tunnels active or build a metro.

There should be a survey of car drivers – we need to know why people drive in to Oxford before we know how to discourage them.

Proper enforcement of driving offences especially illegal parking.